imageWhenever I get vacant from school, I would usually try to go out or have myself relaxed and have this stress free moment in my room (playing my fave songs on repeat). Last week, I managed to go out and have lunch with David and Miko. Healthy lunch daw sabi ni David. lol Okay. I know. Don’t judge. Haha. It’s so hard to pretend that I am on a diet or even at least lesser food intake.image

Teach me how to love. Whether we’d like to admit it or not, it is not our nature to love. What we really want is to be loved. Ooohh! That feeling of being loved …priceless feeling that a man could ever have. image

Button down from Forever21image

Slate 2013 Plannerimage

Leather strap watch from Bench/ Timeimage

What I love about this outfit is that I don’t need to accessorize that much, a classic watch would do. And also, I feel so mature with all these clothes on. Well, I need to prepare myself for that moment since few months later I would have to leave the busy hallways of my school.imagePhotos by Miko Carreon

HAPPY WEEKEND GUYS! I hope you had a good one. :)

You can also visit this look on my LOOKBOOK account. HYPE it! Give me some heart. :)image

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